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Opened 2014 by Tina and Beth. We aim to provide a happy and fun environment for dogs and cats of all ages. Quality care is what we strive for with your dog’s or cat’s well-being is our number one priority. We have top of the line equipment and products to ensure your pets safety. With an open place for your pet we have created an atmosphere that most dogs and their owners can’t wait to come in. With each pet we take in, we focus on the overall care, emotional and physical, to make sure that we do what is in the best interest for the pet. We will always take the time to listen to your needs and offer you choices that you may not have known were out there. We have a positive and low-key energy which keeps the dogs and cats from being overwhelmed by stress and fear. Time is made for them so they can get use to their surroundings, perhaps a little playtime, so they can get to know their groomer and bather. By taking our time, we are able to give the dogs the best experience possible. Every dog leaves our shop looking and feeling great!

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Everyone in our grooming salon loves animals.

  • Christina Wright

    Tina is the owner of Scruffy to Fluffy. She started grooming in 2008, when she lived in Pullman, WA, at Zelda’s Pet Grooming. There she learned a lot, from basic coat care to special hair clips.

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  • Laurie

    Laurie is a dog whisperer, and a cat whisperer!!! She has been grooming for over 25 years, she was the owner of Royal K9 before she tried to retire, but the world of grooming called her back.

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  • Alea

    Alea started with us shadowing for her JTED program the summer before her senior year then got hired, because of her hard work and love for all animals. Once she graduates from Cienega High School, she will continue to go on to college to learn all that she can.

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Tina is the absolute best! Tina has been working with our Claira for over three years, amazing us with her talents every visit. Claira loves Tina, as does our whole family!"
    Corilynn F.
  • "Tina has been such a great find! My 13 year old lab mix doesn't really like anyone much anymore but she is always excited to see Tina."
    Kelly L.